August 11, 2018 – Whitehall

I think their smiles say it all…

Bill, Bill and Adriana are some of the most amazing folks who dedicate their time week after week to our friends on the street.  Their serving hearts are so full of love for our friends who are less fortunate than us and it is a true honor to serve and work alongside with them.

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August 11, 2018 – Cushman and Wakefield

Team Cushman and Wakefield

A huge Thank You to Cushman & Wakefield for another great day serving our friends on the street!  Such a fun group to work alongside with.  We are extremely grateful for their generosity.  They collected and donated to our clothes closet at Whitehall and passed out backpacks, water and other wonderful goodies which always makes our friends extremely happy!

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August 4, 2018 Whitehall

Rolling out the red carpet and providing entertainment at Whitehall are Jason, Teryn, Elsa, Tommy and Dan singing and dancing for our friends on the street who truly enjoyed the show!  Breakfast was an added bonus!

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August 4, 2018 – Volunteer Weekend

How amazing is this group of volunteers who got up before dawn to come out and serve breakfast to our friends on the street?  Every week we are more and more blessed by the love and generosity of the community.

Special thanks to Hunger Has No Religion for bringing out the hygiene kits.

Julie, our awesome Bridge Builder

A fine looking group of Volunteers

stirring those yummy grits

A brief orientation at the Varsity by John and Jim

Setting up the serving table

Hunger Has No Religion and their hygiene kits

our fantastic volunteers serving coffee and OJ on the line

Jim and Chandler getting ready to start breakfast

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July 28, 2018 – Edgewood

Volunteerism comes from the heart and we couldn’t be more blessed than to have our regular Saturday morning FTHP crew and Team Leaders who give of themselves week after week.  Below are just a few pictures of our team from this past Saturday who give of their time, talent and treasure each week to our friends on the street!

The last picture is one of our favorite friends and the reason we do what we do.  Billy is loved by all, always lending a helping hand and gives the Blessing each week.  If you haven’t met Billy, stop by on Saturday and meet him and give him a hug!


Dan is surveying the situation and making sure everything is under control!

With the Blessing said, Jason is headed to let our friends line up at the serving table and get their breakfast…

Look at these wonderful backpacks Lee Ann brought with her this morning to pass out. Thanks Lee Ann!

And of course our man Billy, who provides the blessing for us each week! Who doesn’t LOVE Billy?

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July 28, 2018 – Bridge Investment Group


Fantastic looking group of volunteers from Bridge Investment Group


What a beautiful day we had serving our wonderful friends on the street and what made it so special were the folks from Bridge Investment Group! They came out in full force and worked so hard to give our friends fellowship and food, clothing, and shoes.  The compassion and love they shared is a true blessing and we are forever grateful!


The serving table is open for business!

Lots of love going into making those grits!

The grill is a very popular place to be this morning!

Some very happy faces at 6:45 in the morning!

Lots of cooks in the kitchen!

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July 21, 2018 – Mid-South Roofing Company

What a way to start a Saturday with thunderstorms and pouring down rain but that didn’t deter our dedicated volunteers who braved the weather and made sure our friends on the street were well fed!  The team from Mid-South Roofing Company were so fantastic rolling with last minute changes and jumping in to make breakfast sandwiches, serving coffee and orange juice.  We look forward to having them back soon so they can truly experience serving our friends under better weather conditions!

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July 7, 2018 – Edgewood

We love the first Saturday of the month when it is a Volunteer weekend and folks come from near and far to love on our friends as they serve them breakfast.  The fellowship and friendships that start to form will leave a lasting impression on each others hearts.

A fine looking group of volunteers!

“Do What You Love”
perfect shirt to wear today RT!


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July 7,2018 – Whitehall

It was quite the busy morning at Whitehall as our friends were waiting for us when we arrived.  They really enjoyed the drawstring backpacks we were handing out filled with bottled water, bananas and breakfast sandwiches.

Pam and Doug working hard to make our friends happy!

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June 30, 2018 – Whitehall

Check out Frances and her sweet girls who came out to help serve breakfast.  It melts our hearts when we see the little ones wanting to participate and blessing our friends with their beautiful smiles and kind words.

Teaching them to have a serving heart just like their mom!

Who doesn’t love a hug from Billy?

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