April 14, 2018- Whitehall-Linda and Bombas Socks

At our sister location on Whitehall Ave., located at the ReStart 3:20 property, we had a glorious morning! Linda (one of our favorite volunteer friends who has since moved to Greenville, SC) came down extra early Saturday morning to help prep and serve and to hand out the remaining socks she’d received as a donation from Bombas.

Whitehall is slightly different from Edgewood in that we serve prepared meals (handmade at our warehouse) to a more personal crowd. Since we have fewer friends to serve and the meals are pre-made, this gives us more time to get know what is going on in their lives individually. Many times, we can direct them to services right inside ReStart 3:20. Of course, Bridgebuilders are also standing by to help link services to our friends.

Many thanks to Linda and Bombas for coming down to Atlanta for the day! You’re the best!

Linda and Dan…Biscuits!

Dan displays our secret recipe biscuits.

Linda and Dan serve food and socks.

Linda and Moses.


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