April 28, 2018-Edgewood- Lincoln Property Company

Our premier sponsor this week was Lincoln Property Company. Wow, what a fun group on a beautiful day! It doesn’t get any better. Susan and Shane even brought over 200 hygiene kits and clothes.

We have such a wonderful group of sponsors and Lincoln epitomizes the best in all of us. They always go the extra mile and we have such a wonderful time serving with them. Thanks Lincoln!!

Lincoln Property Company is in the house and on the street!


Behind the scenes. Tim from the top up…

Here’s the bottom of the shot. Tim gave his shoes to someone who needed them more. Tim truly has a servant’s heart and sets the example for us all. Thanks Tim!!

Bright and early at the Varsity.

Our street friend Billy is ready to help the service line with prayer.

Susan brought over 200 hygiene kits. Just wonderful…Thank you!

The serving line is ready for action.

Grill Master Jack and the fellas say, “The sausage and biscuits never had a chance.” 🙂

Another shot of the line getting ready.

Cooking station and grill, in full swing.

At the cooking station.

Dan running the show! Good job Dan. Everything went perfectly.

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