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We have been blessed with individuals and organizations that have funded our effort from the beginning in 2006.   From passing the hat among our devoted volunteers in the early days, we graduated to the warm support of organizations like Peachtree Christian Church, Seven Bridges to Recovery, Wounded Warrior Project, The City of Refuge, and Peachtree Presbyterian Church.  These organizations and caring individuals have always been there and we would like to thank them for their confidence in our mission and the financial assistance they provide.

Most recently we have gained support of companies through our corporate sponsorship program and they have shouldered the majority of our financial needs.  There have also been capital gifts that will allow us to purchase additional grill trailers that will enable us to enlarge our effort.

We are immensely proud that FTHP, Inc. spends 80% of the funds donated directly on food, gas and utensils that allow us to provide a hot breakfast to those less fortunate on the street.   As this effort is all-volunteer, we have no salary or compensation costs.

Feeding the Homeless Project, Inc. FinancialStatements

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