March 10, 2018- BridgeBuilding at Edgewood

BridgeBuilding is the cornerstone project of our initiative to “Go Beyond Breakfast”. Envisioned by our past CEO Bill Mueller, the program seeks to reach out on a personal level to address specific and individual needs that our homeless and/or unsheltered friends may have that are not being met by other aid organizations.

Bill’s mantra has always been that serving food is the least of our service potential. He continues to emphasize that we need to take the opportunity to serve food as an opportunity to deliver the simple human dignity that homelessness robs from a person. By speaking to someone on a personal level, we’re able to give this gift, one smile at a time. Thank you, Bill, for opening this door for us to further serve our friends on the street.

BridgeBuilders make an enduring connection with each person who is interested in sharing their situation with us. In this way, trust can be developed and a better picture can be established of what we can do to help (either internally, or by guiding them to external resources). In the photo above, Courtney is speaking to a gentleman she knows by name. In addition to catching up on current events, she is following up on a plan which was implemented by a Resource Director (a person who manages the support channels for a specific area of need).

Below, two BridgeBuilders and a Resource Director confer on a street friend’s needs.


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