March 31- Edgewood- JE Dunn

This Saturday, our dear friends from JE Dunn joined us on the street for a wonderful morning in service. The weather and fellowship were incredible. The continued commitment from JE Dunn humbles us and makes our mission lighter and more joyous. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

JE Dunn is in the house!

Getting the serving line set up.


Jason and Teryn discuss the finer aspects of grit manufacturing.

Getting the grill and cooking station set up. Cutting the biscuits.

The kids take charge.

Hicks checks on the progress at the grill prep station.

Getting the drink station ready.

The moon is still up and everyone is working hard.

“C’mon, try the grits!”

The clothes station is always busy.

“Who’s that guy? It’s his fault!”

“Look, everyone knows the gravy tastes better when stirred in a clockwise fashion.”

“Happy Easter!”

“Happy Easter!”


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