May 12, 2018- Edgewood-Cushman Wakefield

One of our oldest and dearest friends joined us this weekend in service to our street brothers and sisters…Cushman Wakefield. Tim’s crew has always been first and center in support of the FTHP mission. This year they’ve sponsored 4 Saturdays…Wow. Thank you, CushWake!

Your dedication to service is an example to us all and we can’t wait to see you again!

CushWake is in the house and on the Street!


Tim 🙂

Grilling it up!

Teryn and the grits!

Getting the drink station set up.

Tim makes sure the grits are prepared to FTHP standards…”Needs more cayenne pepper.”

Taking care of the cooking station.

The serving station in action.

Ben’s and Clay’s daughters put the final touches on the plates.

Teryn and Jack getting it set up.

Cathy says: “This is a giant bottle of syrup…” Ben, wisely, clears a path.

Teryn and Tim

Bill, our Team Leader, brings it!

The guys conferring.

Bringing the hot food over to the service line.

The service line in action.


Jack- taking care of business.

Cathy and Richard sharing a moment of fellowship.

The Line.

“If you take a picture, you’ll get the giant wisk!”



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