May 5, 2018- Edgewood- Kym Swain and Friends

This morning at our full-service location, Edgewood, we welcomed an old friend, Kym Swain and Friends!

It was bright and beautiful this morning on the street. Tim and Donny were the Team Leaders and Kydia, Alec, Tommy and Chandler were the Service Leaders. Everyone had a wonderful time in service to our street friends and the fellowship was outstanding. As you can tell from the photos, it was truly a friends and family gathering. Please come back soon Kym- we love serving with your team!

Kym Swain and Friends are in the house and on the Street!

Kydia, Lola from Oglethorpe University, a new volunteer, and Javon, our BridgeBuilder, jumping in to help set up the service line.

Tommy and his kids- sharing the love!

Doug whips the Drink Station into shape!

Teryn says to David and Alec, “Move it, boys!”

Alec says, “I command thee, mighty grill…deliver the heat!”

Brandon has elected to don the robe of the initiates in the ancient and secret mysteries of the Grit. All hail Brandon!” 🙂

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