Moses had breakfast with us on Saturday morning

I woke up at 5:30AM to the sound of rain on the roof. As I drove to Seven Bridges Church to pick up the food the rain intensified and Anthony Hardy called to ask if we would be feeding that morning. I told him yes and asked him to pray that like “Moses parting the Red Sea”, the clouds would part and the rain would stop so we could get the food prepared and distributed without getting drenched. By the time I arrived at the Varsity it was raining “ cats and dogs” and everyone was gathered under the parking deck to avoid getting soaked. After my fellow Team Leader John DeCouto finished his remarks to the folks from JE Dunn letting them know what to expect when we arrived at Eagle’s Nest, as I had asked Anthony, I asked everyone to channel good thoughts of Moses and the parting of the Red Sea so we would get a break from the rain and be able to feed our friends from the streets in dry weather. As we left the Varsity the rain continued and when we arrived at Eagle’s Nest the normal crowd of 75+ lined up to eat was nowhere to be found and instead there were 10-15 people tucked under the eaves and huddled in the doorways of the building across the street to stay out of the rain and dry. As we set up the two(2) tailgating tents to cover the grill and the serving table Anthony arrived and offered to go up “under the bridge” to get the word out that we would be feeding in spite of the weather. As soon as he left, the skies began to lighten and the rain let up and soon stopped. It stayed dry as we prepared the food and began serving and it was not until we had fed almost everyone that was in line(close to 100 people) and were breaking things down and packing up to leave that light rain again began to fall. As I was driving north on the connector heading home it was pouring again. You may say it was just a coincidence that the rain stopped during our feeding but I believe it was God answering our prayers and showing us his Glory! “ Then when you call upon me and come and pray to me, I will hear you. When you search for me you will find me; if you seek me with all of your heart.” Jeremiah 29:12-13

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