We need volunteer Service Team Leaders!


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5 Responses to We need volunteer Service Team Leaders!

  1. Reginald Brown says:

    I missed your training opportunity this past weekend, I am an WWP alumni, I have served with you all and would like to join you all on the weekends and I have kids who can help as well

  2. Tieon says:

    How can I become a volunteer?

    • Susan Sinclair says:

      Thank you for your interested in Feeding the Homeless Project. We are always happy to have new volunteers added to our family. If you can give me your full name and email address, I can add you to out volunteer list and you will receive an email from FTHP a week before our volunteer feedings. All Volunteer feedings are the first Saturday of the month.

  3. AMANDA SMITH says:

    I will love to be apart of this community. Do you guys have any programs in Wilmington NC?

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