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Who We Are

Feeding the Homeless Project, Inc. (FTHP) has evolved from a grass roots organization of passionate volunteers to a functioning non-profit that is financially sustaining itself.  Our stated mission is to bring attention to the plight of the homeless in Atlanta and to provide an organization that allows volunteers to become directly involved in an effort to provide hot meals to the less fortunate.  We are proud to state that we are succeeding in these initial objectives of our mission statement.

FTHP enjoys a very positive image within the Atlanta business community and, in particular, the commercial real estate industry.  That good will has been one of the primary drivers of our success to date.  Through a growing base of support of companies that are associated with this industry and others, we have been able to sustain our operations and continue to build the base of leadership to guide our growth.  We are financially sound and firmly focused on our mission.  This has all been done with an all-volunteer staff.

By the inclusion of our volunteer base in our Saturday morning street feedings, we are breaking down the fear and resistance barriers held by volunteers – some that may have never ventured south of the Five Points intersection of downtown Atlanta.  We also firmly believe that we are building a base of trust among the men and women we serve on the streets.  We don’t judge or criticize the reality of these less fortunate – we just feed people.  That attitude over the past six years has produced tremendous returns for both our volunteers and the people we serve.  We are particularly proud of the fact that 92% of all donations collected to date have been spent on the costs of food and propane gas.

Since March of 2006, we have quietly provided over 24,000 hot meals served directly on the street in various locations within the inner city.  We have involved over 1,800 volunteers in our early Saturday morning feedings and our volunteer base now totals more than 400 men and women of all denominations.  We communicate with the volunteer base through a coordinated e-blast system.  

Beyond the creation of good will amongst our volunteers and the homeless on the streets, we are now attracting other service organizations that recognize the value of what we are doing.  We continue to evolve and further collaborate with other charitable organizations that assist us in providing and preparing the food.   We have a relationship with 7 Bridges to Recovery where their kitchen staff prepares the food we purchase each week and we, in turn, provide some financial support for their needs. 

The recent collaboration with Covenant Youth Empowerment, the social services organization focused on the detection, evaluation and treatment of mental illness, is an important and positive step for FTHP.  This could be the beginning of a period when we will be able to say that we are providing more than the protein in a hot meal – we can only hope.

If this information encourages you to become more involved, please add your name to our volunteer list in the “How You Can Help” section of the website.  To continue to grow, mature and make a difference, FTHP needs to continue to attract committed volunteers.  We welcome you to join us on the street.FTHP is a Georgia corporation that retains an approved 501c3 status and is managed by a board of directors.  Our current financial condition is posted on our website

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